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The Proptech Scout’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of proptech by bridging the gap between real estate and tech. And the posts below are a great way to fill the knowledge gaps between the two industries. Derek and a growing group of industry experts regularly write articles diving deep into proptech segments, technology trends, and how to better leverage technology to improve all aspects of the built environment.

Mar 27
3D Tours Are Even More Important Than You Thought

The Home Building Market is Bleak Over the past decade, the single-family home market…

Mar 08
How Augmented Reality Will Change Real Estate

Augmented Reality (AR) will drive a huge technological leap forward, and real estate…

Feb 28
Turn Your Unknowns into Knowns

How much do you know about your profession? Whether you’re in real estate,…

Feb 22
How Smart Contract Leases will Change Property Management

The Role of Smart Contract Leases in Automating Property Management Proptech has…

Feb 13
6 Strategies for Value Added Building Maintenance Management

When talking about facility and operations management, maintenance management can make…

Feb 06
SARE Feb 2023 Residential Real Estate Data Trends

In this month’s edition of SARE’s Residential Real Estate Data Trends, we…

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