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The Proptech Scout’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of proptech by bridging the gap between real estate and tech. And the posts below are a great way to fill the knowledge gaps between the two industries. Derek and a growing group of industry experts regularly write articles diving deep into proptech segments, technology trends, and how to better leverage technology to improve all aspects of the built environment.

Feb 01
What Are You The Best In The World At?

What are you the best in the world at? I don’t mean top 1%. I mean the best.…

Jan 30
V3 of The Proptech Scout is Live!

As a follow up to my previous article on launching fast vs launching thorough, v3…

Jan 09
SARE January 2023 Residential Real Estate Data Trends

In this month’s edition of SARE’s Residential Real Estate Data Trends, we…

Dec 27
Should Proptech Founders Launch Fast or Thorough?

The tech industry has built a culture around launching and failing fast to achieve…

Dec 20
11 AI Leasing Assistants Compared

Natural language processing (NLP) and generative technology have come a long way in…

Dec 19
SARE Dec 2022 Residential Real Estate Data Trends

This is The Proptech Scout’s first guest-contributed article- a monthly real…

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