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The Proptech Scout’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of proptech by bridging the gap between real estate and tech. And the posts below are a great way to fill the knowledge gaps between the two industries. Derek and a growing group of industry experts regularly write articles diving deep into proptech segments, technology trends, and how to better leverage technology to improve all aspects of the built environment.

Sep 23
iBuyers Want to Replace House Flippers

2023 Edit: I’ll admit when I’m wrong. OpenDoor and other iBuyers are…

Sep 01
YC S20 Proptech Startups Ranked

YCombinator’s S20 Batch had 6 proptech startups, and I ranked them all in this…

Aug 18
Latch Smart Lock Review

I’ve installed Latch’s M-series smart locks and R-readers in two of my…

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