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The Proptech Scout’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of proptech by bridging the gap between real estate and tech. And the posts below are a great way to fill the knowledge gaps between the two industries. Derek and a growing group of industry experts regularly write articles diving deep into proptech segments, technology trends, and how to better leverage technology to improve all aspects of the built environment.

Jul 20
6 Startups to Help You With Home Maintenance in 2024

Becoming a first-time homeowner is rewarding, but it introduces a new realm of…

Jul 06
6 Contractor Marketplaces to Find Contractors for Home Repairs in 2024

Call me a traditionalist, but as a real estate developer, I find contractors the…

Jun 05
12 Drone Companies to Cut Real Estate & Construction Costs in 2024

I review many proptech solutions, and most cutting-edge tech is not ready to deploy in…

May 08
The Secrets Scaffolding Reveals About These 4 Cities

Scaffolding is a perfect case study for a concept that I preach to proptech founders:…

Apr 06
Landlord Tools to Defend Against Tenant Applicant Fraud

Landlords, you and 93.3% of your peers have been blindsided by the same invisible…

Aug 06
Life as a Carbon Negative Farmer

I lived a carbon negative lifestyle, and it expanded my definition of sustainability.…

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