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Proptech Spotlights

Jul 20
6 Startups to Help You With Home Maintenance in 2024

Becoming a first-time homeowner is rewarding, but it introduces a new realm of…

Jul 06
6 Contractor Marketplaces to Find Contractors for Home Repairs in 2024

Call me a traditionalist, but as a real estate developer, I find contractors the…

Jun 05
12 Drone Companies to Cut Real Estate & Construction Costs in 2024

I review many proptech solutions, and most cutting-edge tech is not ready to deploy in…

Mar 27
3D Tours Are Even More Important Than You Thought

The Home Building Market is Bleak Over the past decade, the single-family home market…

Feb 22
How Smart Contract Leases will Change Property Management

The Role of Smart Contract Leases in Automating Property Management Proptech has…

Dec 20
11 AI Leasing Assistants Compared

Natural language processing (NLP) and generative technology have come a long way in…

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