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Promote Your Proptech Company With The Proptech Scout

There are over 3500 Proptech Companies listed on this site’s directory. It’s designed for real estate professionals, aka your customers. They are here because they WANT to find you. Here are ways you can promote your proptech company and grow your customer base.

Claim or Promote Your Company Listing

Claim your listing for FREE and keep it up to date to rank higher. Or Promote it to make sure it’s always near the top of searches! Find your company in The Proptech Directory and click “Claim Listing” button near the top.

Become a Guest Contributor

Apply to be a guest-contributor on the blog to showcase your domain expertise. Write about trends in your proptech product segment. Your written content will be promoted on LinkedIn.

Sponsor A YouTube or TikTok Video

Reach my 200,000+ social media followers with video.

Purchase a 30-second spot in an upcoming video, or get an entire TikTok video about your product.

Strategic Advisory Services

The following packages are 1-on-1 advisory services, and if you’re a proptech founder’s struggling with achieving PMF or just need to tighten up your focus, you want me in your corner. Because I am uniquely qualified to help early stage proptech founders, and I am better at it than most people on this planet.

How can I state this so confidently? Because I performed these services on myself, and I realized that the experience I’ve accumulated from my *very* non-traditional career path is my competitive advantage. There aren’t many people that understand both real estate and technology to the extent that I do. And of those few people, they almost definitely don’t have years of management consulting experience specializing in digital and operational strategy. So don’t hesitate to reach out and see if you can benefit from these services.


Don’t be a hammer in search of a nail. Many proptech founders fail to achieve PMF because they force technology onto problems that don’t need it.

Achieve PMF faster and cut your marketing budget by clearly positioning and differentiating your product amongst the competition.

Refine your top funnel process, reduce sales and marketing expenses, and get connected to customers more efficiently.

Some of my clients: