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Proptech Predictions

Mar 08
How Augmented Reality Will Change Real Estate

Augmented Reality (AR) will drive a huge technological leap forward, and real estate…

Feb 22
How Smart Contract Leases will Change Property Management

The Role of Smart Contract Leases in Automating Property Management Proptech has…

Dec 19
SARE Dec 2022 Residential Real Estate Data Trends

This is The Proptech Scout’s first guest-contributed article- a monthly real…

Aug 21
Is Flow a Timeshare in New Clothes?

Headlines were swirling last week with Andreesen Horowitz sinking its largest first…

Jan 09
Proptech Can’t Disrupt Real Estate

Why hasn't proptech disrupted real estate yet? It's now 2022, and last year, proptech…

Dec 27
4 Reasons Not to Buy Virtual Land

Even though I wouldn't even consider virtual land proptech, it’s been hard to ignore…

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